Of Steeples and Lambs

These eyes open wide still see but a fraction, This face blank and mobile displays the soul; Dark and craven, this heart sluggishly beats, The resounding prayer of sullen defeat, This traitorous depiction of loneliness toll. We bend our backs to the will of "God", Bearing our crosses, weighed by our sins; We face your... Continue Reading →

Enough with the Blanket Terminology!!!

There is a reason I will not engage my parents in conversation regarding economy or the government. I refuse to dialogue with -dare I say- obnoxious individuals who enjoy arguing politics for the sake of arguing politics. And I positively forbid myself from engaging in one-way-arguments dialogue regarding religion in the presence of religious fanatics. Why? Two words: Blanket Terminology. Let... Continue Reading →

To Lead. To Follow.

All power is with you The authority is yours to command. "I" give you the scepter, the crown, the throne; All await your dictation, Your insurrection, Your stain. Our voices to attain the gathering, The common thread that hangs us all; The strangling, the purging, the return, Drown in the trampled, bloodied throng. Pink bubbles... Continue Reading →

The Well of Isolation

Alone... is a word containing words inside of itself, like Russian nesting dolls. ~Alone, Lone. One. Ne. E.~ Interesting how even when letters are removed, the remainder only emphasizes the solitude. Alone. Alone is a tricky emotion. It is interesting, because the fact is, you could be in the most crowded of rooms and still feel alone.... Continue Reading →

Checking In

"Take care of yourself, no one else will!" Self-care, taking time to sleep, to breath, and to be is important. It's easy to be a workaholic, to slip beneath the burden and take it with you. But separation is important. Do what you have to do, because a candle only burns so long before it... Continue Reading →


I remember a warm day in Pennsylvania. The temperature had increased dramatically after the cold snap of winter finally cracked beneath the pressure of spring. The sun shone bright and bold, the birds frantically chattered their glee while aggressively staking their nesting and mating territory. Fluffy white clouds sailed through the sky like proud matrons, gliding down the... Continue Reading →

…Only Human…

We admire superheros, but respect humans. It is not the stories of perfection that garners respect of the masses and inspires another, it is the human qualities of imperfection, failure, and doubt that contrasts the success and adds depth to the story of one's ascension.  With stories like those derived from comics, manga, graphic novels, fiction,... Continue Reading →

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