The Classic Fade

Early morning musing based on Mark Manson's "Fuck Yes or No" philosophy. Gotta love smart, slightly vulgar men. 😛 Step into the Gray We've all been there. We meet the guy, girl, they and we are just *a-ga-ga* over the thought that this is the one. We build castles in the sky and imagine a... Continue Reading →

Life, Happiness and other Common Complaints

Some day The ongoing chant of life. We're all going to die. The world is a fucked up place. Death wanders among us, culling the herd, but not fast enough -too quickly!- it all ends. Lately, thinking about death gives me anxiety. Today, I was contemplating whether a leaf on a tree lives uniquely, then... Continue Reading →

Prison: We added a cell

I open my eyes and see hate I close my eyes and hear fear I open my mouth and drown in the noise I close my mouth and sink into silence The earth screams -stars rain from the sky A puff of dust and the planets realign Circle the sun in a planet of darkness... Continue Reading →

Coffee #27 – Tend Your Lawn

Life and Lawns Life stretches out like a property -a lawn- caged by time. The lawn ornaments are chosen with care, maintenance outlined on a regular schedule. People come for barbecues, luncheons, dinner parties, afternoon drinks, siestas, playtime, playdates, morning coffee, and stargazing. Garbage gets tossed on the lawn, cans in the hedges, tissue among... Continue Reading →

Random Thought

In a gross oversimplification,  the Spanish, despite plundering the new world first,  sent the majority of their wealth to the Catholic church. The British had no such obligations and managed to encompass the globe and all the riches therein. Where, then, is all that wealth? Has it all been liquidated post WWI and WWII?

I am Debating Cryosleep

In the perfect world, I would put all my possessions in storage, freeze my accounts, tell some family members to lock away my government issued identification, and finally be transported to the nearest cryosleep location to sleep off the shitty parts of my life. Wouldn't it be grand to wake up just as life was... Continue Reading →

Salutate the Rebellious

"No one saves the devil, you know." "Hmph, are you expecting sympathy?" A laugh strangles into a ragged cough cracking abruptly through the crisp winter air. Wet, and phlegm-filled, it echoed with the deadly rasp of eminent decay. Many may have confused the death and the devil, but it was in this moment that they... Continue Reading →

It’s always the small ones…

I took MMA for a semester a few years ago and frankly I loved it. Throwing choke holds, wrestling, kicking, punching -nothing but fun. One time, I partnered with two other guys to practice. One of the guys was short and slender, so I thought him to be normal. It turns out, he had been... Continue Reading →

Fantastical Subconscious

Picture source: [We] wandered the warrens of the underground building, a 3 story living abode that morphed into an amphitheater with multiple doors leading to outer rooms and passageways on its peripheral. The ceilings were impossibly high, with walls and ceiling the color of sand. From a side passageway, a loud scream echoed and [we]... Continue Reading →

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