The Classic Fade

Early morning musing based on Mark Manson's "Fuck Yes or No" philosophy. Gotta love smart, slightly vulgar men. šŸ˜› Step into the Gray We've all been there. We meet the guy, girl, they and we are just *a-ga-ga* over the thought that this is the one. We build castles in the sky and imagine a... Continue Reading →

Last Saturday

"So, I read this and thought it was about a relationship," he said, glancing up at me from the pages of my lengthy poem. I stared back with growing horror. Relationship? I flashed to the moment of penning the words, reviewing in my mind the emotions that birthed those lines as he continued. "Yeah, the... Continue Reading →

Saturday in July

Scream a silence crunchedbeneath cold finger tips shatteringthe crystal beauty beneath thepresence of possessioncrushing the fragile wingscellophane promises, silhouettepressed to the windowpanepinned to the fantasy, curlinglegs into bridged arches abovethe sateen waves, uneasyport-side dock invading the shore... It still tastes like lemongrass It happened again. I sat among the group where moments before I had... Continue Reading →

Musings On A Saturday

"The purpose" is an elusive concept to capture in words or thought or even philosophy. Right after inquiring "what is the meaning of life" follows the second question"what is my life's purpose". And answering "I dunno" doesn't always feel so inspirational. I was walking down the sidewalk this week towards work when I passed this... Continue Reading →


12 Days Ago (3 months ago) I awake and I don't remember where I am. Yesterday I explained to my other dream self that picking the investments for retirements funds were stressing me the fuck out. "Too many choices! How do I know the right one to pick?" Yet another thing school didn't prep me... Continue Reading →

Mocha #4: Snapshot of Yesterday

Written 6 months ago... through the lens of teenage angst... Come. I want to show you something. Let's go back -I want to take you back many years ago. We can travel together. We stumbled on an old journal that I filled while I was in high school. I'd forgotten what that time was all... Continue Reading →

Mocha #3: Minimizing the Past

History contains the word story. Hi story. History translates to experience which provides framework for the "if-then". If you touch the stove, then you will be burned. If you get a cut, then it will heal and leave a scar. Yet history can generate fear. If someone got burned once, and that results in a... Continue Reading →

Coffee #28: July 4th

"July 4Ā is the 185th day of the year (186th inĀ leap years) in theĀ Gregorian calendar. There are 180 days remaining until the end of the year. This date is slightly more likely to fall on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday (58 in 400 years each) than on Thursday or Friday (57), and slightly less likely to... Continue Reading →

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