Among yet not With People

I pick up on that "among people" even if I am not "with people" vibe too, especially when I'm at Barnes & Nobles curled up with a comic or book or just writing in the knock-off Starbucks cafe section, watching people. Some people are obviously on a date, others are doing homework in group study.... Continue Reading →

Kite Dreams

He always wanted to fly a kite. Darius imagined that either he would fly his kite, or let the string twine round his throat. Perhaps it was a physical euphemism for a subconscious connection to his plight. Fly or die. The beach stretches for miles to the right. The wild woods to the left. Breezes... Continue Reading →


I could never escape the shadow of my father. The Greatest. The Best. How would I measure up? How could I measure up to the perfection of a legend? I deserted the haven of my father to strike out on my into the world. The illusion was broken. I couldn't live under his flawed dominion... Continue Reading →

We’re not perfect…

I bite my lip nervously, our eyes hover in the moment of hush. We kiss again, deeper, hands moving from shoulders to neck, back, arms, and skimming down to chest. I inhale his exhale, suck in her breathy moans, fingers roaming wildly. Our caresses transition to desperate groping- I twist my fingers in his hair,... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Day #5

Inspired by Life (2013) Season 2 Episode 21 and the tragedies of Orlando, FL in 2016 and Aurora, CO in 2012. This is a work of fiction. Flash Fiction Day 2016 Part 2: One plus one equals 1 The professor strides to the front of the room as the class volume lowers to a low hum. He scribbles... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Day #4

Inspired by "Hotline Bling" ~ by Drake. And reality. Flash Fiction Day 2016 Proxied Knight: Helping or Enabling? How can I save you when you won’t save yourself? Will I just become another one of your knights? Doomed to destroy myself in futility? Will I just become another one of your victims? Dead by proxy... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Day #3

Flash Fiction Day, June 22, 2016 Inspired by... fucked up relationships. Scapegoats - Bad Approach You're right. It's my fault. It's my fault that you're there and I'm here.  Got it right for once. Cuz it wasn't my fault you snorted that shit on Friday. Wasn't my fault your job was drug testing on Monday. Wasn't... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Day #2

Written as part of Flash Fiction Day 2016 hosted by Damon L. Wakes on June 22nd. Inspired by "Whatever you like" ~ by T.I.  while doing my laundry. Part 1: One plus one equals 2 Because you don't like me the way I love you. He gave her a hickey, and as it faded so did their love. The first... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Day #1

Flash Fiction Submission - joining Damon L. Wakes challenge, thanks for posting about it, Sonya (her blog is Only 100 words). Written at 2pm local time. Inspired by Peaky Blinders (2013). Bulletin - Bullet In Home for a bullet. When he put the gun to my head, I thought that at last, the bullet would come home.... Continue Reading →

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