Quirky Brain Retorts #19

To the woman at the cash register giving me the side-eye for buying vodka, gin and tequila: I say -goddammit woman, it's still winter last I checked! #iseeyoujudgingme  #SALES

Quote #30

Like riding a motorcycle, You can't live your whole life under threat of an imminent crash (that isn't happening).


Sometimes, the dance gets old. But they still won't let go. And you can't wait till rigor sets in, because then, you're really stuck. So while their fingers are pliable, release yourself. Because they will cling to you forever if you don't. Picture credit


If you want to make billions, you've got to be a lion. BILLIONS... Can't be a pussycat. #billionstvshowisawesome

Quirky Brain Retorts

"Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you can only spend it once. " If only I had a dollar every time someone told me that- Wait... I'd make a profit... I'm making profit!!!

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