Saturday #1

Last week, I swore I would get out of my fucking house and meet some people. For god's sake, I was merging with my couch! Which led to yesterday. Yesterday was Poetry Workshop day Poetry Workshop Day What better way to know if I am actually good at poetry or not? I asked myself, clicking... Continue Reading →

Hasn’t happened yet

He walks through the door, He brought the sketch; Crinkled paper in sweaty palms. The bell jingles as he enters, The buzz like a soft whine; He stares in your eyes- "Make it good," he says, Make it bleed, he thinks. You shrug, he nods, He doesn't even know where to put it; How could he... Continue Reading →

Not a Dot but a Semicolon

Breath play... You took my breath away; Screaming silently like I'd never choke, You took away more than my hope; More like my sanity, till all that remained of me Were shadows and echoes of what I used to be... Sticks and stones break my bones, But your words broke more than my soul; Poisoning... Continue Reading →


Like black and white, it always seems so clear You standing there, dictating right and wrong Truth and lies, without hesitation or fear Of being incorrect, taking context with prayer and a song Pointing in accusation, pinning the points that agree See, see?! they scream, cutting and pasting a messiah Then later erasing all the... Continue Reading →


I don't have expectations They trap you with rigidity And lack of adaptability. Depravity, insanity What would you do For your expectations?

Elicit my Response

via Daily Prompt: Elicit I knew you only wanted a reaction. A farce to play on just such a day Pushing beyond unnecessary I watch the brat's display. Why do all the children linger past their prime? Why are you even still alive? Age is not an indication of maturity Tantrums at sixty-five. Have I... Continue Reading →

Fear Mongering

To succumb to fear Is to fall victim to the oldest weapon That brought every mighty empire to its knees. Swords brought low Strength crumbles away Panic and chaos roam the streets. Fright and flight on everyone's lips We succumb to cowardice. Snap. Out. Of. It. Life goes on. Children are born. Flowers bloom and... Continue Reading →

I Borrowed Your Pain

I borrowed your pain Quite unconsciously And I do want to give back these holes Because I forgot how much it rips my soul The restless nights The gulping and swallowed Screams and reams of pain That cannot keep these bones sane. I didn't protect myself And I was left unprotected and Vulnerable to your... Continue Reading →

Starving 4 Touch

This world is like prison A prison for the senses We can see, but not approach Hear, but not engage Taste, but not prepare Smell, but not track All 4 senses are given full range I can view the world around me Hear the buzz of life, or the whispers Of noise-canceling headphones I can... Continue Reading →

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