It’s the Morning After Dark

The sun has set, the shades are drawn and the screen of my display emanates blue-screen rays to keep me awake. Eyes pinned open like butterfly wings. It's almost June, but it feels like forever since I've set foot beyond the four corners of work, home, store, and gas station. Shrinking my world to a... Continue Reading →

The Classic Fade

Early morning musing based on Mark Manson's "Fuck Yes or No" philosophy. Gotta love smart, slightly vulgar men. 😛 Step into the Gray We've all been there. We meet the guy, girl, they and we are just *a-ga-ga* over the thought that this is the one. We build castles in the sky and imagine a... Continue Reading →

Am I Invisible or Do You Just Not Care?

Tell me the lieTell me you careTell me that you pay attention Give me this timeThis space, this lieBecause it holds me better than the truth You don't careSo I don't care It was my eyes that I blameFor opening and viewing your frameIn the window of just-out-of-reachAir tinged with your latent speechOf how life... Continue Reading →

Another Saturday: Conversation Snippets

"You know, you can over-think things until the cows come home..." a slightly nasally voice said, a hint of frustration bleeding through. "I'm not Hindu," I said, with attempted humor. "What?" snapped the frazzled marketer. "I said, I'm not Hindu." The smile slipped slowly off my face. Saturdays have become a wonderful hideaway representing freedom... Continue Reading →

Today Then, Tomorrow

On days like today, I can feel the moment poise like a knife balanced on wire, like the ballet dancer en point, like the gymnast threading the needle. Effortless, efficient, balance. Days like today used to be fraught with nervous strumming, a fervent bass vibration in the pit of my stomach. The kind only a... Continue Reading →

Saturday #1

Last week, I swore I would get out of my fucking house and meet some people. For god's sake, I was merging with my couch! Which led to yesterday. Yesterday was Poetry Workshop day Poetry Workshop Day What better way to know if I am actually good at poetry or not? I asked myself, clicking... Continue Reading →

It’s Time to Behold

"So, can I drive like this?" I asked, speaking to the blurry receptionist as I blindly scribbled my signature on the receipt. "Sure, you should be fine!" she replied chirpily. Leaning down, the brunette reached into a box and pulled out a roll of... what is that? "Here, just put these on behind your glasses... Continue Reading →

Closing the Chapter on Yesterday

It isn't about the place It is about the feeling, the tendrils winding down your spine down to your core. Scraping your skin and drilling through bone like a sick sawdust that never washes clean, bone saw and icy chill of neglect. Fingers so cold, reaching across a gap so distant and unattainable and that... Continue Reading →

Live Life Now*

*Written while listening to ScHoolboy Q's song "Studio". If you haven't heard it, the beat is wicked. So... the month has been mad. I managed to get older, hit an anniversary, earned some trust, lost a pint of tears, got sick for the first time in several years and learned a little something about accuracy.... Continue Reading →

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