He moves withcoiled precision, skinned teethedged between curled lip Blue chips of icedetermination and angercarving through the snow witha curved serrated edge. Point a directionand like a hound on the scentthe hunt begins with ferocious intent. Blood spills, deathweaves in his shadow, the lullabyof sharpening knives on thewhet of patient pursuit. Her tears may wash... Continue Reading →


The choke of exhaust, Jule vaporseeping through my window.Stop -- go -- stopAssembly down the winding asphalt strips.Gas -- brake -- gas -- coast -- brakeThe prices go up as the peddle lowers. I worry that I will die of lung cancerfrom the land of second-hand smokeor the careless distraction of the nicotine crave. By... Continue Reading →

Saturday in July

Scream a silence crunchedbeneath cold finger tips shatteringthe crystal beauty beneath thepresence of possessioncrushing the fragile wingscellophane promises, silhouettepressed to the windowpanepinned to the fantasy, curlinglegs into bridged arches abovethe sateen waves, uneasyport-side dock invading the shore... It still tastes like lemongrass It happened again. I sat among the group where moments before I had... Continue Reading →


I am resigned I realize that time moves onThat we change, and nothing lastsThat the pages keep turningNo matter who is really deserving A second chance disappears like thatSnap fingers before the moment lastsLingers and fades like our memoriesI still remember, even though the story's Are old and worn and falling apartCaptured in a bleeding... Continue Reading →


See everything and nothing is clearNothing like all the lies that appearBrighter and higher than the stories could shareSomehow never caring that life was not fair Chickens and onions supposed their placeWas somewhere else aside from your mental plateDevouring and consuming all the sunlightLike an eclipse of friendship before the fight Bodies and blood to... Continue Reading →

Persona Non

When I stepped into the shadowsFather was there to greet meNot with a hug or smileBut with the stern unquestionable command. So I went, programmed as ever toFollow, never given the option toLead, even when the madness tookHim, he puppet-ed me behind the ink stained mask In ways familiar, the broad backHiding scars belying his... Continue Reading →

#1: Fill It

The box swallows the edges withIts own. There it squats on myNeighbor's porch. Why did you notArrive to mine? Shove away nuisanceAnd heft the weight. For what is withinIs mine, I placed the items insideAnd then it was forgotten.I dust off the smoky layer and Fetch sharp knives, one to open andThe other to die.... Continue Reading →

Am I Invisible or Do You Just Not Care?

Tell me the lieTell me you careTell me that you pay attention Give me this timeThis space, this lieBecause it holds me better than the truth You don't careSo I don't care It was my eyes that I blameFor opening and viewing your frameIn the window of just-out-of-reachAir tinged with your latent speechOf how life... Continue Reading →


Is it trueThat when the wind kicks up dustAnd stirrups creak beneath The arching sunThe well-worn handlesOf careful gunsGlitter with intentionAt high noon? Above the vultures Dip their ink into the skyCasting winged shadowsOn the dirt strewnTumbleweeds And yet, within this barSaloon, swinging doubleDoors, clanking piano cordsBang a cheery grating tuneDirty glasses behind the barBottles... Continue Reading →

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