To Lead. To Follow.

All power is with you
The authority is yours to command.
“I” give you the scepter, the crown, the throne;
All await your dictation,
Your insurrection,
Your stain.

Our voices to attain the gathering,
The common thread that hangs us all;
The strangling, the purging, the return,
Drown in the trampled, bloodied throng.
Pink bubbles
Fanciful and engaging,
To reach out is to condone,
To condone is to promote,
To promote is to create a force so powerful
The end will not condone the beginning,
Nor the beginning the end.

Convert the answers to books of cipher,
The game begins with one and another;
When one arrives, and stomps to fight,
The battle takes two to ignite the strife,
Both parties are needed, each side is wanted,
Cannot have one, without the other.

All power is with you,
The authority is yours to command;
Extend your hand and accept the mantle,
Draw your sword and engage in the battle;
Take your places in the tourney’s match,
Charge again with lances sharp,
Perhaps this time the fatal blow
Will end this war.

And yet, with all the resources in your grasp,
You still fancy playacting and vague brutality;
Despite your experience, you are ever blinded,
Your ethos ensnares you each and every time;
Although the exposure has extended,
And both have faced the other,
The blunders that each carry,
Still cripple the strategy.
Once again this imperfect game
Returns and starts anew;
Still learning, progressing,
Morality is irrelevant,
Mortality is expected;
One day two will rise
And only one will rule..

Follow me.
Follow death.

And yet…
…who is leading whom?

~Inspired by “The Following” – seasons 1:10 to season 2:7. Written in first-person and second-person oice./i>


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