The Dark Tower (2017)*: To Archive with The Great Wall

*minimal spoilers ahead Oh, look! Another film based-on-written-material which will disappoint readers everywhere. My friend (white) was pissed that the integrity of the story was supposedly compromised by the casting of the gunslinger as a black dude, but that's another, kinda racist, story. #StirThePot. I like Stephen King books-become-movies, but I haven't read the books/graphic... Continue Reading →

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)*

*Minimal Spoilers So, I'm fresh from the theater and can hardly wait to deconstruct this film. After tumbling through the latest films (see upcoming reviews on F8 of Furious and xXx), I had no high expectations, especially after viewing the titillating trailer featuring all the fighting highlights in the entire film in a teaser style that... Continue Reading →

Iron Fist (2017): Cue Face Palm 

[Disclaimer: I haven't read the comics, so I judge purely on the show as is without prior expectations based on the comics (I suspect reading the comics first would have made this so much more disappointing...)]. 15 Days Ago Currently at episode 3 and so far there is good and bad. Okay, mostly bad. The... Continue Reading →

Jason Bourne (2016)

*Minimal spoilers... resisting the urge... Overall Impressions Disappointment. Tired tropes. Nothing new here... Frankly, this wasn't a film I expected to blow me out of the water. I suspected that the trailer would staple together the highest octane components of the film. But when the trailer seems better put together than the actual film, that tends to... Continue Reading →

Captain America: Civil War

  No Spoilers - hey, I'm trying here! After months of everyone drawing up battle lines in the Ironman vs. Captain America fan club conventions, I figured this Avenger movie looked too good to pass up. By the way, which team were you chanting for? Answer carefully, this question has divided marriages, offices, and other... Continue Reading →

Hardcore Henry (2016)*

  The Quick and Dirty ~(Hints for the unspoiled) For those who don't want spoilers (yet), here's a quick rundown that might help end the indecision on whether you should throw down cash to see this movie. Genre - Action and gore filled. To the max. Is it really like a 1st person video game? Yes, you will... Continue Reading →

Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn of Justice*

Expectations Alright, so I went to the theater last weekend and bought a ticket for the 9pm showing. After all the hype and commercials, I thought that Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice would be focused on an epic battle of "god" vs man, a contemplation on the temperamental whims and good graces of society in... Continue Reading →

Me & Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Movie After succumbing to peer pressure, I've finally seen the latest Star Wars film. Aaannnd it was a trip. This will be brief, as I'm still digesting. Female MC: I liked her. For a change, female character wasn't pathetic. Naive, yes, but not cringe worthy. Minority MC: Interesting. He didn't die in the first... Continue Reading →

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