Happily Ever After? I still think that’s bullshit

I attended my friends wedding a few days ago. Many of the emotions I experienced were appropriate -the marvel at the beauty, the cursing of the hot sun in the outdoor arena, the tearful adoration of the bride, the sighs of contentment at the practically perfect vows- I could go on.

However, I couldn’t quite silence that voice of sarcasm that pronounced that this is just another ordinary day.

An ordinary day that just so happened to be a wedding. How do I describe… the feeling that nothing special was taking place. That those few moments were fleeting, practically nonexistant.

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Weddings: Contrasts and Contracts

It is interesting how contrast exists, even in weddings.

In some cultures, the tradition remains that the bride wears a white dress and the groom wears black. This striking imagery is impressive, but does this mean that marrying black to white results in gray? If black symbolizes dark, and white stands for purity, then does the father of the bride have the right to glare at their future son-in-laws for “tainting” their daughters?

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