Time Enough

So much to do, so little time
Said the sordid little mayfly
Who in 24 hours must live a life
Of birth, retirement, death, and wife.
So why begrudge a life of 50 plus
Years are still plenty enough
To destroy, build, destroy
A span of time, pleasure and ploy.

Just 24 hours, a whole life flashes past
In only 360 seconds
Of brain death.


Were We EVER Ready?!

Death is the date you forget
The promise that time corrects
None can dodge their fate.

Death is the silent sniper
When ready, aim then fire
No one is exempt from this tax collector’s tally.

Death floats in on quiet wing
To ease the final moments’ sting
Into a final peaceful solitude.

Death trails fingers through rough cotton sails
Monitors and machines pump and wail
Roll call sounds through each flatline.

Live by the sword
Die by the gun
Bullets are forever.

For all the posturing and politics
The glories of dynasty
Fade into the sands of time.

No one is left behind
But everything remains, to find
A final separation of man and possession.

A final surprise
In dull empty eyes
Death will literally take your breath away…

As the dive from the beach
Robs you of your final speech
Let the waves comfort you now.

As your shallow husk
Is buried without fuss
Take your grudges with you.

Death makes even religions a liar
The final equalizer
Prince and pauper fall as one.

Chase with desperation the chalice of immortality
Ignore the human fallacy
To waste precious time in futility.

But isn’t Death just a carriage
A taxi you missed today
That may ferry you tomorrow?

Absolute Zero

For so long, days and nights have just been marking time on a clock. Scratching marks on the wall, like a prisoner awaiting release despite the fact that the sentence is life.

Waking up to the sun, the moon, the stars -the half-hearted belief that I would awake when I closed my eyes and the half-empty doubt that I would not. Trying to scrape up the need to care about that -what if I die tonight? What if I don’t wake up? Does it even matter?

Shuffling along, the wraith in my own life, the gray of the dawn succumbing to the gloom of noon, then sinking into the darkness of night. An endless repeat, a ceaseless loop, where everything and everyone changed and grew and blossomed and peaked then died. Continue reading Absolute Zero

Writing #19: Time, Balance and the Investments for Results

I asked my brother @jonathanandsyllables if I could feature him on my blog for writing assignment #19. I gave free rein in terms of topic and he cranked this out in, like, 15 minutes. Ridiculous!!

I read this over and was like “Dude, you need to write more, this is dope!”. But he’s mostly art driven so check out his artwork on his Tumblr page, his work is AH-mazing

In the meantime, here’s his post. Feel free to comment below!

Time, Balance and the Investments for Results

by Jonathan M.

What you put the most into gives you the most bountiful return. But how much is too much? How to find a good balance?


Often, we tend to romanticize excessiveness. Someone who spent 20 hours working and four hours sleeping daily is hailed as a “hard worker” or a “visionary.” At the expense of his/her health you say? What dedication!

Eh… Not really.

Continue reading Writing #19: Time, Balance and the Investments for Results