A Spark

Life is beautiful in pain, with the tinged edges of lofted memories. Like peanut butter smeared on celary Or caramel chocolate. But this isn't a conversation about food. It's been 5 months, so much has changed Faster than even I could have arranged. The barometer of time Can erase much from the lines. But never... Continue Reading →

A Message to Burn

Image credit: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2010/aug/15/1910-fire-region-consumed/#/0 They will never know how much you swallowed. They will never understand how much it hurt. Hindsight can only glance at the depths of emotional gradation sinking deeper and deeper in the well of yesterday. You are completely validated in your anger. The forest steams in the late afternoon sun, the stench... Continue Reading →

We’re not perfect…

I bite my lip nervously, our eyes hover in the moment of hush. We kiss again, deeper, hands moving from shoulders to neck, back, arms, and skimming down to chest. I inhale his exhale, suck in her breathy moans, fingers roaming wildly. Our caresses transition to desperate groping- I twist my fingers in his hair,... Continue Reading →

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