A Dream from Yesterday

“A valet, of stealthy step, thence conducted me, in silence, through many dark and intricate passages in my progress to the studio of his master.”

– Edgar Allen Poe  “The Fall of the House of Usher”

I was back again.

Summer wind breathes warmth and welcome around the hustle and bustle of college students at the bus stop. I am in undergrad again and the campus remains familiar but warped. The essence remains accurate even though the layout and buildings are inaccurate/distorted, as dreams tend to do.

But I don’t care about any of that. My favorite band is playing in a matter of minutes, and I don’t want to be late.

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Whence cometh the Inspiration?

@Ro Donovan who requested insight into my inspirations via my contact page. Thanks for the questions and suggestion, I promised I would cover it, but I didn't anticipate it would take so long...

“What words, people, perceptions, etc. have inspired what sorts of actions in the writing process with some brief examples (e.g. if a quote, or movie… inspired a character, or how to add to an existing one; how and if songs have inspired you…).”


Welcome to the darkside. No really, it can get dark.

I always write as male characters. I tried writing as a female lead when I was younger, trying my hand at the stereotypical attempt at romance (well, it wasn’t really romance, it was more of a kidnapping and stockholm syndrome, but yeah, call it ‘romance’). I gave it up after I realized that I focused more on the male character, and was way more interested in his backstory and character development than hers.

Gahhh, this is hard. How do I explain this…

I am inspired by the darkness. I am arrested by the broken, the fractured, the utterly fucked up. My stories aren’t meant to be light and airy, they tend to be heavy in some way.

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