Flash Fiction Day #4

Inspired by “Hotline Bling” ~ by Drake. And reality.

Flash Fiction Day 2016

Proxied Knight: Helping or Enabling?

How can I save you when you won’t save yourself?
Will I just become another one of your knights?
Doomed to destroy myself in futility?

Will I just become another one of your victims?
Dead by proxy of you?

“Savior” ~Opalflame

Day 1

“I’m here to rescue youuuuuu.”

The ringtone blares. He knows that tune.

Staring at the nightstand, Dante watches as the vibration of the incoming call steers the cell phone closer and closer to the edge.

It only rings for them.

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Hands holding the Wretched

With serenity and grace,
Less tears on her face,
A sigh
Singles that cry.

Tracing veins and tissue
Scrape where we miss you,
Saliva and silk;
Clouds of milk.

I secure you,
And procure you;
Cherish the solemn afterglow,
Written in faded tome.

Water droplets that disturb,
Questions that flit and reverb;
Fingertips glancing,
Slightly romancing.

Into beakers, I sing your soul
Work and try to keep you whole;
Shedding wing scales,
Broken guardrails

Hands secure, yet open,
Mind control, yet spoken
Promises an amendment.

I give you the opening line,
Scribble a phrase, make you mine;
The art of threatening,
Days of reckoning.

Dots, lines, and punctuation,
Courtroom’s jury in deliberation;
Order’s restrained,
Glad you came.

Clicking safety, sliding gates,
Tucking the chain beneath your weights;
Forgetting the sincerity,
For hopeless reality.


Phalanges so clinical.
Wine, ever cynical;
Tortured laugh,
Strangled giraffe.

I toss in the dirt, and stare in the hole, 
I kept piecing you together, my only role
To keep you, and save you;
Yet somehow, I fail you.

And so, I too turn to destruction,
Seeking the devil to find my instruction;
Screaming halls,
Echoing calls.

I touch you through the glass,
I breath your essence with every class;
To see you again,
Deceit descends into the glen.

I cry;
The end-