#MeToo (and 3 and 4 and more)

Do not prod the sleeping beast Do not come greedy to the supposed feast Do not disrespect Behaving like vapid derelicts Disgrace in every salacious action, word, insinuation, and innuendo. Do not downplay the frequency Actions of greatest indecency The behaviors of animals Worse than even cannibals Pretending to be superior, elevated beings. Do not... Continue Reading →

Coffee 11#: Respect

Trifecta Respect isn't given, it is earned. I wish I wasn't on a regimen right now. I'd slam some back. But I can't, and I am. So, drink your coffee, and keep the ceramics away from me. If I hold anything right now, it will fracture and explode in my hands. Rage can give me inordinate... Continue Reading →

Anonymously Supportive

Dear world, I want to send some affirming notions your way. I am enough-I will not conform or lesser my standards to appease or appeal to anyone who does not accept me for who I am and what I am. I am worthy-the color of my skin is not definitive of where I belong in this world... Continue Reading →

Coffee #5: Points of Honesty 2

Checking in after Points of Honesty 1 --> Struggling to Write, written to the tune of:  On the Precipice of Defeat and Soundscape to Ardor,  both soundtracks composed by Shiro Sagisu. What a random journey. The empty theater echoes as I speak. We sit in the back, above the screen, and after watching all the people... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Freedom

"So free we seem, so fettered fast we are!" ~Robert Browning Andrea del Sarto Part 1 Freedom. A heavy word That meant equality, ability Tranquility, security, consequently Not a word to be spoken lightly. Escape from shackles, and Permission to be whatever Without written request, sever Preconception and endeavor To truly become limitless. A self-defined concept,... Continue Reading →

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