Saturday in July

Scream a silence crunchedbeneath cold finger tips shatteringthe crystal beauty beneath thepresence of possessioncrushing the fragile wingscellophane promises, silhouettepressed to the windowpanepinned to the fantasy, curlinglegs into bridged arches abovethe sateen waves, uneasyport-side dock invading the shore... It still tastes like lemongrass It happened again. I sat among the group where moments before I had... Continue Reading →

Not a Dot but a Semicolon

Breath play... You took my breath away; Screaming silently like I'd never choke, You took away more than my hope; More like my sanity, till all that remained of me Were shadows and echoes of what I used to be... Sticks and stones break my bones, But your words broke more than my soul; Poisoning... Continue Reading →

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