So, What’s The Point?

In my old life, I remember that there used to be numerous conversation about a guy at church. He’d gone to law school, and had done pretty well. But he just couldn’t pass the bar exam. He took it over, and over, and failed every time. He’d taken it 10 times at that point and, of course, no one had any positive expectations the 11th time he tried. And true to likelihood, he failed that time too.
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Snark unfiltered

Blessed are the poor, for they will be too busy (with survival) to focus on the larger picture.

Blessed is government aid, else what would we complain about?

Blessed are the rich, for they will ever complain about over-taxation.

Blessed are the government, for whom else would we pay for protection?

Blessed are the hospitals, for they will focus on resuscitating money rather than lives.

Blessed are insurance, for they expect your money when sun shines, and withhold it when it rains.

Blessed are the bigots, for they will continue to be stuck in their small mind frames within a larger world.

Blessed are politics, else what would we fight over when we haveth not religion?

Blessed are sports, that provideth beer, snacks, contention, and politics all in one.

Blessed are the idiots, for how else would the wolves run Wall Street?

Writing #15: Budgeting… I don’t know about that

Shout-out to @jeanixAngel, thanks for the idea and comments. It took me some time, but I’ve been working on this budgeting post for you. Hopefully this helps you, either way feel free to touch base again. 🙂

Budget is telling quote_thumb[1]

Before we can have a budget, we must answer two questions.

  1. Why are we budgeting?
  2. How do we budget?

The why is specific to you, but I can help with the how.

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