Every day there is a new addition Another blank spot filled Every day another addition To the wall of trophies. There is one of every race One of every color There is a category for every gender Every age Every rate. Every day So many trophies And the angel looks at the trophies And weeps. With... Continue Reading →


It's in all of us. A retrovirus, we are all infected by it. It lingers, festers, blossoms. No angel is immune. I hate it. I HATE IT! Cruelty is learned, passed on from generation to generation. Some imprint it into the bones of their offspring, others pour poison into their ears, and tattoo it into their... Continue Reading →

I can’t be a Father

Year 0 "Mr. Stanner? Mr. Stanner?" What on earth do they expect me to do? The swaddled bundle approaches swiftly in the nurse's arms. A squalling sigh emanates and I suppress a shudder. The nurse, misreading my revulsion for fear, thrusts the bundle in my direction. "Don't worry, if you support the head, it will... Continue Reading →

Demon in Disguise

I’ve caught myself an angel, No more to fly away; Grounded to the solid earth, No more to soar on high. I’ve caught myself an angel, I ripped off her glossy wings; Now she is one of us Earth bound beings. I’ve caught myself an angel, Isn’t she divine? She is beautiful and graceful, An... Continue Reading →

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