Flash Fiction Day #5

Inspired by Life (2013) Season 2 Episode 21 and the tragedies of Orlando, FL in 2016 and Aurora, CO in 2012. This is a work of fiction.

Flash Fiction Day 2016

Part 2: One plus one equals 1

The professor strides to the front of the room as the class volume lowers to a low hum. He scribbles “Professor Halmen” on the white board before turning to address the students.

“Good morning, class. As you can see, my name is Professor Halmen. In case you stumbled into the wrong classroom, this is GSNI 101 – Introduction to Culture and Diversity…”

Three students pack up their laptops and slink out the door. Professor Halmen watches them go, eyebrow raised.

“Yep, always a few of them every year… Now that we’ve gotten that out the way, the core concept for today is-”

Turning to the white board, Professor Halmen picks a blue marker and writes:


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Writing #14: A day of Penance (fiction)

A short story in first person. Be forewarned, it’s dark.

  • “So, how are you?”
  • ‘I’ paste a smile on ‘my’ face. “Doing good, how are you?”
  • “Doing fine. How’s your day?”
  • ‘I’ tape the corners of ‘my’ mouth to maintain the smile. “Good, how’s yours?”
  • “Doing good.”
  • “Great.

The chilled metal stings my fingers. I pull my shirt over my head and stuff it into the locker, along with my boots, wallet, and other items. Slamming the door shut, I jimmie the padlock through the handle and secure the locker. I hang the key around my neck.

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