Death is always the Present

Inspired by LIFE Season 1 Episode 10, and CSI Season 3 Episode 10

What did you see?

In that last moment, as the dirt covers your face. As the ice froze your lungs. What was the final synapse? That last flash of electricity as your final exhale fluffed through the dirt.

Like a noose around my neck, this sinking weight in my gut. Like Icarus you soared so high. Like Icarus, you surpassed the final limit. The limit to death.

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Emit Time

For the first time in his life, he felt nothing.

He saw the red tide swiftly advance through the white of the snow, staining the crystals a dark, rust that smelt faintly of iron and tasted of death. Pale clouds burst from his gasping lungs as his hand reached, for what he no longer knew. The harsh gray of the street blended into the steel gray of the sky, and the line separating them was of pulsing blue and red strobe lights as the sirens shrieked and the alarms rang.

His entourage would soon arrive.

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