The Term “Impaled”, Pales in Comparison

A conversation with myself, about myself… hold off on the men in white, kay?

What on earth are you blathering about?
Oh, hi again, my inner debbie-downer. How’s life on the negative side.

Surviving just fine without you. What’s with the tag line? Trying to be clever?
Ha, ha, no. I feel it. Like there’s a pike through my chest.

That’s called being dead, stupid.
Yeah, whatever.

I just… this hurts so much. I don’t know why -why does it hurt so much? There is positive and negative, and I feel like my internal organs -or one in particular- is going to shred inside me.
Sounds like you need a surgeon. 

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What is this (over thought) Emotion?

When is a crush a crush? When is a crush not a crush.

Why think so deeply?

Just go for it.

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