It’s the Morning After Dark

The sun has set, the shades are drawn and the screen of my display emanates blue-screen rays to keep me awake. Eyes pinned open like butterfly wings. It's almost June, but it feels like forever since I've set foot beyond the four corners of work, home, store, and gas station. Shrinking my world to a... Continue Reading →

Anticipation tastes like sugar-high

There is this ache, a flame, a flash, an expectation for something different, something spectacular. Something not within the four walls of my room.   She spoke of loneliness, and all I could think was -ah, so I'm not alone then. I got that feeling from you. You felt what I feel every day. I... Continue Reading →

Musings On A Saturday

"The purpose" is an elusive concept to capture in words or thought or even philosophy. Right after inquiring "what is the meaning of life" follows the second question"what is my life's purpose". And answering "I dunno" doesn't always feel so inspirational. I was walking down the sidewalk this week towards work when I passed this... Continue Reading →

Fear Mongering

To succumb to fear Is to fall victim to the oldest weapon That brought every mighty empire to its knees. Swords brought low Strength crumbles away Panic and chaos roam the streets. Fright and flight on everyone's lips We succumb to cowardice. Snap. Out. Of. It. Life goes on. Children are born. Flowers bloom and... Continue Reading →

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