Writing #9: Ha! What free time?

Wake up.
Put on some clothes and grab lunch.
Get to work -why should I have to sell time for paper?
Put on work personality for 8 hrs.
Go home.
Blog and watch tv.

By the way, the above sounds best when muttered to the tune of B.Y.O.B. by System of a Down. It captures the true frantic pace of my regime. 

Fun time in the Free time

I define free time as the realm and ability when I can do what I want within that duration. But how rarely I get to do what I want when I want!!!

I turn to three major creativity outlets when I have free time: music, art, and writing.

  • Music I play the piano and compose music (see Music Portal tab)
  • Art: I draw/sketch, oil or acrylic medium painting when I feel active (it’s a lot of work to get the materials together…), and I’ve recently gotten into digital painting through FireAlpaca (see My Artwork category).
  • Writing: I write short stories, poems, and outline longer novels still in my head.

These are hobbies I’ve been engaged in for YEARS. Piano since I was 8 years old, art and writing almost as long. They were my salvation in the crazy seclusion of college -I was the nerd who constantly studied and was awkward at making friends, so much of my novels were created during that time. Stacks of sketch pads and notebooks with emotions, dreams, anger, life, reconciliation.

Hundreds of typed pages.

When there are three primary passions competing for an outlet, I often struggle to determine which I will channel my passion into for that moment. If I only have an hour, should I write, draw, or create music?

It’s hard to choose. Sometimes I think it’s a music day, buuuut it turns out it was really a writing day. First world problems…

Passive fun activities

In my free time, the nerd in me also enjoys engagement in passive fun activities, such as:

  • Watching TV shows/movies 

My sibling went to college in film and animation and infected me with a love for the technical aspects of movies/films. Which is why I will occasionally scream excitement at camera angles, color palettes, CGI techniques, acting methods, voice acting emoting, and story-boarding throughout the duration of a film.

And, yes, I hold constant dialogue at my TV.

I yell at stupid decisions characters make, I predict what  will happen – sadly, writing has become rather predictable to me-, will make snarky comments back at characters, and otherwise spend a considerable balance of my daily words on this activity.

It’s very cathartic.

Genres of preference – thrillers, action, psychological, comic based, revenge.

Fav Actors: Liam Neeson, Vin Diesel, Jake Gyllenhaal, Morgan Freeman, Samuel Jackson, Ryan Gosling, James Spader, Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken, Ryan Renolds, Sylvester Stallone and Christopher Bale, to name a few off the top of my head (in no particular order).

  • Balancing my budget in a spreadsheet
  • Calculating monthly income/expenses

So, I went to college for economics, finance, and statistics. I love numbers just as much as I love words, and all those classes had us spending a considerable amount of time in Microsoft excel.

My budget spreadsheet is beautiful. I’m a colorful person, so my headers are colored -green for revenue, red for expenses, and white for balance.

Budget pic
PLEASE NOTE ALL AMOUNTS ARE FICTITIOUS!!! This is only a sample, lol, I wish I got paid this much. I’d retire!! The excel formulas are not shown, but are available upon request. 🙂

Isn’t it awesome? Makes me want to go budget again, but I need to get paid first…

Basic rules of thumb when I budget:

  1. Pay yourself first – 5% of earnings or more if possible to “rainy day savings”, retirement, emergency funds, etc.
  2. Pay monthly expenses – rent, utilities, loans, car payments, card payments, etc.
  3. Pay extra for loans on principal (beyond standard monthly payments)
  4. Put towards other accounts – i.e. saving up for a BMW, a dream vacation, a new iWatch.
  5. Pull out some spending money
  6. Any remainder goes into emergency funds

Es so sim-puuuullll!

  • BRIEFLY say hi on Facebook

Seriously, if it weren’t for distance between all my compatriots, I’d get rid of my Facebook account. On the upside, I can share hilarious pictures and posts with my friends.

  • Listen to music – I like all genres except country.

I don’t always know/understand/care about what the genre is called, I just care about what it sounds like. I even get movie soundtracks -amazing stuff!

When does this happen? On lazy weekends, whenever the gods gift me with an hour or two squeezed in between tasks.

I’m always busy, on or off the blog. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I can’t always fall asleep -damn insomnia- so much of this is done while waiting for Morpheus to arrive, lazy bugga!!

And thus, we shut the page on a day in the life of my free time.