He moves withcoiled precision, skinned teethedged between curled lip Blue chips of icedetermination and angercarving through the snow witha curved serrated edge. Point a directionand like a hound on the scentthe hunt begins with ferocious intent. Blood spills, deathweaves in his shadow, the lullabyof sharpening knives on thewhet of patient pursuit. Her tears may wash... Continue Reading →

A Message to Burn

Image credit: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2010/aug/15/1910-fire-region-consumed/#/0 They will never know how much you swallowed. They will never understand how much it hurt. Hindsight can only glance at the depths of emotional gradation sinking deeper and deeper in the well of yesterday. You are completely validated in your anger. The forest steams in the late afternoon sun, the stench... Continue Reading →

When Protection = Hurting yourself

Welcome to one of my disorganized posts... When protecting yourself is hurting yourself... That could be the mission statement for my life. Period. In many ways, pain has been a constant companion in my life. And I'm okay with that. Maybe my mission statement should actually be: You know you're alive when you feel pain. Embrace... Continue Reading →

Day 4: Seconds

"Don't even try, you're wasting time" ~ Red Wasting Time Weight of pressure, failure a Scythe scrapping his throat, crippling The scribbles on his page, he Resists the urge to scream. How is it that despite all the Pages of notes, hours of revision, In this moment Memory squeezes through like Reluctant toothpaste? The clock ticks... Continue Reading →

Privilege: Them Days

Forgive me for being unrealistic But life seems like shit Even with a roof over my head Warm clothes and food- too much A job and bare necessities Hierarchy of needs are met with ease I still feel angry for nothing Raging at no one With a feeling of injustice Deep within. The closest I... Continue Reading →

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