Anticipation tastes like sugar-high

There is this ache, a flame, a flash, an expectation for something different, something spectacular. Something not within the four walls of my room.   She spoke of loneliness, and all I could think was -ah, so I'm not alone then. I got that feeling from you. You felt what I feel every day. I... Continue Reading →

It’s Time to Behold

"So, can I drive like this?" I asked, speaking to the blurry receptionist as I blindly scribbled my signature on the receipt. "Sure, you should be fine!" she replied chirpily. Leaning down, the brunette reached into a box and pulled out a roll of... what is that? "Here, just put these on behind your glasses... Continue Reading →

Friendships ~allegory for Relationship

Requested by teiyaoloilolesoipei who asked about my philosophy on friendship. Wanna have a more interesting read? Replace "friendship" with "relationship". It still applies. I follow 3 main guidelines, before seeking/finding a good friend. First: Alone is okay. I am okay with being alone, and this allows me to gain a measure of independence both in identity and in mentality. It... Continue Reading →

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