Often I find your embrace more comforting than solace, more soothing than solitude. Your hands make me feel secure, whole –like the pieces are drifting back into place. In your presence, I am humbled and reborn. Your lips feed me, your whispers quench the thirst of my soul. You mold me into a better man, and you give my life meaning.


World, I salute you!

This space I created mainly as a way to start.

Start? Yes. After months (okay, years) of saying, “I will do a blog”, I finally girded my (figurative) kilt and began. I had put it off, day after day. But now, this year, this time: I’m starting now.

About? I anticipate that this blog will reflect the various styles of me. I am multifaceted individual, and recently, I have come to the realization that many of the thoughts I have can be shared in a “open” and “safe” environment. A droplet into the unknown, as I define the internet. I can dialogue at the vague “internet-verse” and develop “myself” and my writing style in a more committed and disciplined environment. Here, I will honestly, and directly, address topics of interest to me. They might be cohesively designed, or may veer off into mere rants on occasion, but this space I am committing sharing thoughts, philosophies, perspectives, lessons learned, and other random factors that I encounter in my mental process and musings.

In order to become a better writer, one must write. So I write.