Checking In

“Take care of yourself, no one else will!”

Self-care, taking time to sleep, to breath, and to be is important. It’s easy to be a workaholic, to slip beneath the burden and take it with you. But separation is important. Do what you have to do, because a candle only burns so long before it burns out.

Relax, nurture, rejuvenate.



I remember a warm day in Pennsylvania. The temperature had increased dramatically after the cold snap of winter finally cracked beneath the pressure of spring. The sun shone bright and bold, the birds frantically chattered their glee while aggressively staking their nesting and mating territory. Fluffy white clouds sailed through the sky like proud matrons, gliding down the windswept, celestial aisle. The sun played peak-a-boo through their crocheted skirts.

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…Only Human…

We admire superheros, but respect humans.

It is not the stories of perfection that garners respect of the masses and inspires another, it is the human qualities of imperfection, failure, and doubt that contrasts the success and adds depth to the story of one’s ascension. 

With stories like those derived from comics, manga, graphic novels, fiction, and reality, it was not the focus on perfection that made the story so arresting. It was the declaration of struggle, failure, rebirth, and redemption cycled over and over that truly draws the emotional empathy, and correlates that connection with the reader.

Because they are not so far away from “us”, the person/character feels real.

World, I salute you!

This space I created mainly as a way to start.

Start? Yes. After months (okay, years) of saying, “I will do a blog”, I finally girded my (figurative) kilt and began. I had put it off, day after day. But now, this year, this time: I’m starting now.

About? I anticipate that this blog will reflect the various styles of me. I am multifaceted individual, and recently, I have come to the realization that many of the thoughts I have can be shared in a “open” and “safe” environment. A droplet into the unknown, as I define the internet. I can dialogue at the vague “internet-verse” and develop “myself” and my writing style in a more committed and disciplined environment. Here, I will honestly, and directly, address topics of interest to me. They might be cohesively designed, or may veer off into mere rants on occasion, but this space I am committing sharing thoughts, philosophies, perspectives, lessons learned, and other random factors that I encounter in my mental process and musings.

In order to become a better writer, one must write. So I write.