Sawing Apart Heartstrings

I stand here at the beginning
And wonder how it ends
The stars are silent and still
The sun is gone.

I knew and did not know
That you meant your words
That you didn’t mean what you said
That you spoke both lies and truth

I suddenly feel the pain
That first stings, then escalates
I finally see the tip
Of the knife you slipped through my ribs

I thought my white shirt had finally bloomed roses,
But this viscous stain…
Merely my fatal flaw
Of oblivion to what seemed so obvious to you

Who knew -no, I should have known
Hindsight always makes me so wise;
Mistaking your ambushed thrust,
For a loving embrace.

Perhaps it is my foolishness,
My delusion;
Did I carelessly assume
Your heart to be synonymous with mine?

The mirror and I and two dry eyes,
Would this be the final we walked and spoke side by side?
Aye, would that I could forget,
Would that I could remember that precious fold and wrinkle of time.

Metal never felt so cold
Or a breath so frigid
Than in that moment when i removed my ring
And signed that paper.

I stand here at the end,
And wonder at the beginning.
Why did you speak?
Why did I respond?

{All I ask, is that you cut me clean,
If you are to wound me;
Finish it all,
And finally, finish me.}

Yet I’ve never heard a ripple
So quiet and still.

Based on interpretations and visualizations of portions of "Cha Seok Hoon's" emotions from "Temptation" season 1: episode 9.

Trust ~a fragile thread

Trust is a delicate flower,
Blooming throughout the year
In installments, hour by hour,
Devoid of hate or fear.

In miles of faith, through thick and thin,
A promising to stand, by your side,
To protect, to listen, to cherish as kin;
To have your back, remain for the ride.

You wrote your creed, established a bond,
Joined your souls together as one;
You whispered silence, a topic so fond,
Who knew this end had only begun?

Trust grows delicate flowers,
Viewed by some as a fragile con;
Destroy in seconds, build for hours,
Continued structure, careful recon.

Take away the t and trust is rust,
Eroded, slashed and compromised;
Safety net or web, covered in dust,
Giving you a truth, or a series of lies.

Broken trust is like ink,
Designed for harmony
Yet this severed link,
Screams in stained dichotomy.

Conditional Tombs: A Scenario

In nature, the predictor-prey cycle implies ultimate consumption, balance, and recycling.

Yet nature creates humans, who don’t know diddly squat about balance. In fact, for much of their existence, the human race spends most of its time running amok and creating chaos out of order. Entire species become extinct, other species become overpopulated, and the translocation of species have resulted in rampant pandemics on foreign soil. History is riff with examples of how humans throw the whole system out of balance.

Not merely content with throwing Nature into disarray, the human species specializes on self-eradication. This, combined with an innate arrogance and narcissism, ensures that each delineated unit within the species turns on itself and others. A tiny organism decides it is most important, it is ruler, it is the boss.

Except… each of these organisms claim to be the Boss, so obviously, the last organism standing must be the ultimate BOSS. At first, each organism fights one on one, then the idea of sending representatives is born. Before long, whole armies are in contention over this title, nay, this throne.

Damn the consequences. Damn the costs.

(So, how does this play out?)

Who cares that the last man standing implies there will be no one to rule? Who cares if this organism decides to relocate to more fertile lands to wreak its havoc? Who cares if this organism succumbs to the same fears and short-comings made noxious in history. The fear of death, of being overshadowed by offspring, of being forgotten by history -the list goes on.

In the end, the only adversaries left are fear and death.

And what then? Never die?

Excellent, and once this organism has outlived the world, the galaxy, the entire universe, what then?

What is there left to conquer?

Does this organism then turn on itself?

It’s possible.

So maybe this fearful, eternal organism without home or life will finally succumb to the end.

Because, even vampiric gods want to die eventually.

When Honor trumps Loyalty

Life is too short,
A ship with no port;
And I’m too tall a man
To stand next to you, silent and complacent.

I see beauty in your eyes,
Yet that same beauty disguise
Your darkness;
Life’s too short and the night is too dark.

24 hours in a day to make them count,
24 chances a demon to route;
I gave you a day to throw it away
But my honor remains sullied and stained.

Your temptation is palpable
Yet your tale is a parable,
All my love can’t seem to fill
The needle marks in your arms.

Tracks of time and tales of salvation,
Not an excuse for condemnation;
My words don’t seem to reach you
And I can’t die with you.

Life’s too short and I can’t stay,
Sadly I must be on my way,
I pray you find meaning and rescue
Before you burn alone.

the Galaxy can contain us, but I can’t contain you.

The reason why we don’t connect, is because I don’t live in your world. I don’t like your world, and I refuse to let you drag me into your reality.

My reality is carefully structured, and designed for maximum efficiency and optimal enjoyment of my life. The foundation was laid over many years and is still in the process of creation. And I like my universe, just the way it is. If I don’t, I adjust it, tweak the settings, increase some levels and reduce others.

I like some of the realities from movies and tv shows. The good ones are constructed with care, the writer pens the words and the directors paint the scene. The actors assume the identities and the soundtrack immerses the second and third senses. Suspension of belief convinces the remaining senses, and the world pulls me into the most crazy puzzles of human motivation and expectations.

If realities were cardboard boxes containing projectors, biographies are the equivalent of someone inviting me into their cardboard box, and connecting to mine. We all own boxes that we carry and share, in overlapping spheres of realities.

Your box is full of pain and loss, of conspiracy and emotion. Your projector replays the moments lost, caresses and symbols of meaning and portent. The lens always stares into yesterday and what could have been, of flowers and sunshine, of thunder and rage. Cardboard soaked in sweat and fog from a thousand mutterings and sighs, condensation dripping down the walls in moist claustrophobia. The expansion and compression like a womb at birth, in time with your breath, creates a toxic pressure and constrictive environment.

Your box, flipped upside down, catches acid rain. Filter the acid from the rain and you have one part good and one part bad. But you, you embrace the entire, unfiltered batch that stains your eyes and corrupts your projection film.

The reason why we don’t connect, is because I don’t live in your cardboard box. I don’t like your reality, and I refuse to let you drag me into your caustic world.

Identity #1.2: The Strait Jacket of Your Embrace

***Spoilers: If you read Shamo (manga) by Izo Hashimoto, there are slight spoilers on the story-line. Also incorporates my interpretation on character motivations.

I recently finished reading a manga (Japanese comic) called Shamo where the mild-mannered main character, on track to a life of success at a top university, suddenly kills his parents in cold blood. Multiple questions are raised surrounding the motive behind his uncharacteristic break, and the recurring motif in response is how parenthood can go wrong. How sometimes, the parental urge to protect and love crosses over into dictatorship. How parents view their children as the potential for opportunities that they missed, and how parents guide their offspring into pre-destined paths with all the persistence of a compactor cramming them into the mold of “ideal”.

This resonated with me.

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The whisper of the pines warns of danger,
Yet I recklessly ignore their words.
Running hand in hand through the forest,
I find it hard to imagine that being led astray
Can be so perilous.
When he beguiles me with his smile,
I am forewarned of eminent betrayal, and yet
I am lured by his smooth seduction,
So I close my eyes, and follow his lead,
Till the ground fades away,
And I fall alone.

Welcome to my Home

The sky is my roof
The air my windows
The grass is plush carpet
The rock a pillow
The trees are air filters
The rivers my vending machines
The field is my market
The hedges my walls
The plants are sculptures
The sunsets my paintings
The stars are my nightlights
The wind the whispers of stories told
The world is my playground
The animals my companions
The desert is my sandbox
The jungle my gym
The lake is my bath
The ocean a swimming pool
The leaves are my curtains
The forest a hiding place
The caves is where I rest
The plains where I run
The shadows are my home
The light shines on my soul
The sun is my lamp
The moon a secret mystery
The ice is my refrigerator
The snow my cushion
The ground is my paper
The coal my pen
The fire is my stove
The lightning my suspense
The storm is my orchestra
The thunder a father’s voice
The rainbow is the perfect gift
The mist a humidifier
The waterfall is a shower
The moss my rug
The moist air is febreeze
The static a spark
The volcano is my heating system
The lava a construction crew
The tornado is my vacuum
The hurricane a swiffer
The conflagration is my recycling system
The floods, an irrigation
The meadow is my garden
The mountains my treadmill
The valleys are rest stops
The fountains a Jacuzzi
The springs are my water fountain
The fruit trees my snack bar
The shells are my currency
The cliffs my thrill
The rainstorm is my wash machine
The windstorm my dryer
The avalanche is my rollercoaster
The sandstorm my survival game
The oasis is my spa
The artesian a blessing
Earth, fire, water, wind,
These are my guardians.