For the Ones –who don’t know better…

I used to waste time wondering why.

Why you so mad?
So bitter
So consumed by the litter
You toss around from your mouth?

Why can’t you just chill?
Take a pill
Drink some water
Or some shit, whichever
Comes first?

But, nah!!! I’ve got better things to do with my life.

Better things than ponder your strife,
Wondering why you need a victim
To feel venerated
Why you feel vindicated
On the backs of those you label slaves.
Why you’ll never feel elevated
Unless you’re dragging someone down.

Nope. I’ve got better things to do with my life than wonder why you’re fucking up yours.

I’m not your therapist. So fuck off.


Elicit my Response

via Daily Prompt: Elicit

I knew you only wanted a reaction.
A farce to play on just such a day
Pushing beyond unnecessary
I watch the brat’s display.

Why do all the children linger past their prime?
Why are you even still alive?
Age is not an indication of maturity
Tantrums at sixty-five.

Have I really never left the old playground?
I am a bit too past the games.
The wisdom of the ages never
Touched your pathetic frame.

You expect the same unrestraint from others
That you often love to demonstrate
Never will I stoop to your level
You fucking reprobate.

You fancy that the world is small enough that
You own -and rule- the fucking roost.
Drunk on your invincibility
Your ego needs the boost?

I don’t care to speculate -interrogate
Or even give a fuck ’bout you
Life is too short and I won’t waste time
You’re a virus -I’m immune.

I know you’ll fall and drown everyone you can
Your reign is coming to an end.
I don’t care to see or ever gloat
Insignificant trend.

You’re not worth my pity, you’re not worth my time
Own your failure and sink alone.
You are nothing and no one to me
I have hung up the phone.



Ugh!! I wish I could just be original without having to worry about being unoriginal.

So often, I feel like a copy of a copy. In the most real of senses.

After overcoming the standard childish narcissism, I swung into the complete opposite spectrum. I’m merely a plagiarism. 

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Blacklist(2013): My Penance

Rant in: words ≤200

As I binged through season 2 and season 3 (holidays!), I contemplate how Elizabeth Keen exists solely to test my patience.

Blacklist(2013): simultaneous heaven and hell.

Heaven, because Raymond Reddington ~JAMES SPADER!

LOVE all his shows: have seen and ❤ his films. I immensely enjoy Spader’s quirky personality and satirical acting style. His dry wit, imperviously sarcastic attitude, and his vicious streaks hit all my sweet spots.

Conversely, Elizabeth Keen continues to be a character from my personal hell.

Supposedly FBI, how is Keen this clueless and intentionally stupid?

Keen’s every decision is suspect, driven from emotional foundation which drives her to reaction, rather than efficient action from a position of intelligence or forethought. Instead of thinking things through, she tends to be short sighted, focus only on what’s in front of her.

Checkers vs. chess.

She allows her emotions to influence critical decisions, and she can be selfish at the most inopportune times. The continuous whiplash between milking Raymond Reddington for information pertinent to her job and for knowledge about her past is only exacerbated by her reactions to the truth, the lies, and her vocalized desire for the inverse with the randomized inconsistency of a roulette table.


Rant in words <200

As I watched Newsroom(2012) over my roommate’s shoulder, it suddenly occurred to me that news channels/people/hosts are nothing more than talking parrots.

No offense meant to parrots.

Feed them lines, they spit them back out, mindlessly, without thought or care aside from ratings, numbers, time slots.

Nothing original. Preprocessed, canned, and recycled.

The purpose of news isn’t to disseminate valid and verified information anymore. It’s to sensationalize, to promote rates and maximize time slot occupancy in hopes of getting a better/the optimum one.

  • Fuck the consumers, let’s tell them what we decide they should hear.
  • Fuck the truth, let’s tell them what our opinions are and call it fact.
  • Fuck reality, let’s up the hype, spread the fear, terrorize.

As Samuel L. Jackson’s character aptly states in The Other Guys(2010): “If we want to hear you talk I would shove my arm up your ass and work your mouth like a puppet.”

The best news is history. Cuz it keeps happening over and over and over.

Hey, just… just do me one solid.

If I ask for news, just give me




supported facts.



Is that so much to ask for?



Holidays…. *shrug

christmas-bauble-15738_1920.jpgSo I’ve hinted at this in older posts, but I don’t really celebrate the holidays. I don’t have anything against the holidays, or people who celebrate, but for me it’s just another day off.

But anyway, here’s a rundown of my pros and cons regarding the current holidays.

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Privilege: Them Days

Forgive me for being unrealistic
But life seems like shit
Even with a roof over my head
Warm clothes and food- too much
A job and bare necessities
Hierarchy of needs are met with ease
I still feel angry for nothing
Raging at no one
With a feeling of injustice
Deep within.

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Identity #2: I’m a GROWN ASS MAN!!

Sex - being (born) male or female
Gender - being masculine or feminine

I was in the middle of writing a different blog article, when I hopped on Facebook to comment a random thought. I found my friend’s blog article about disconnect between appearance and identity when challenged by environment and social expectations and it brought a slew of emotions to the forefront.

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