“They call me Superman/ I’m here to rescue you” ~ Eminem Superman

I wanted to save
You. Wanted to step
Between the crippling gale
And your fragility.

I wanted to hold you
And say that it will be
Better, I would move
The world itself to make it

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The lens is Cracked

Scream through me.
I’m hanging on your words
I can’t seem to give you
Anything you want.

I’m here for you all the time,
Any hour of every day.
Helpless and shaking

Till the end of everything

Just breath,

How about later?
Later meaning never,
I see what you’re doing
I’m judging you now.

Nothing but broken song lyrics
Not even my own words, just borrowed phrases,
You say so much better than I,
Be mindful and destroyed.

I stopped.
I said I love you.
I said I want you
Here, alive, with me.

Why do you always validate yourself,
Through another body
Instead of your own?
You are complete in yourself.

Inspired by ~Intervention: Collection S01 E06. This was more me reacting rather than me channeling like I usually do.

Grasping Life with Smoke

“I” burn it down.

Smoke, never so captivating
As when it curls in my nostrils,
Tickles my lips.

I take it in, inhale the joy
The filament a lingering figment,
Till my lungs collapse.

A caress deeper than love,
A kiss thrust into my brain;
Gently pushing me under the waves.

I take it in, something attempting
To hold my soul,
To love something…

Connecting to a concept
Seems impossible without you
To smooth my edges and keep “me” steady

I swear I need it just as much as it needs me,
I swear I smoke it just to be free,
I promise that this is the end

The end that never ends,
I disappoint everyone and myself
I cannot open my eyes and be sane.

My brittle focus continues to beguile me,
I love the crystals even more;
They whisper that “I” can stop… tomorrow

The vivid memories I just want to drown,
I slay my demon with a pipe;
Only for it to resurrect tomorrow

Everyone is always too busy,
Too busy to rescue me;
So I tide myself to shore

Questioning my methods,
Never too busy to judge and prove me wrong;
Save it, I’m just trying to save myself.


When has it ever been today?
“I” can’t remember.

Give me some time,
This time make it real;
Make “me” real.

“I” promise to try,
This time
“I’ll” awaken.

Based on emotions from Intervention S15 E07

Sawing Apart Heartstrings

I stand here at the beginning
And wonder how it ends
The stars are silent and still
The sun is gone.

I knew and did not know
That you meant your words
That you didn’t mean what you said
That you spoke both lies and truth

I suddenly feel the pain
That first stings, then escalates
I finally see the tip
Of the knife you slipped through my ribs

I thought my white shirt had finally bloomed roses,
But this viscous stain…
Merely my fatal flaw
Of oblivion to what seemed so obvious to you

Who knew -no, I should have known
Hindsight always makes me so wise;
Mistaking your ambushed thrust,
For a loving embrace.

Perhaps it is my foolishness,
My delusion;
Did I carelessly assume
Your heart to be synonymous with mine?

The mirror and I and two dry eyes,
Would this be the final we walked and spoke side by side?
Aye, would that I could forget,
Would that I could remember that precious fold and wrinkle of time.

Metal never felt so cold
Or a breath so frigid
Than in that moment when i removed my ring
And signed that paper.

I stand here at the end,
And wonder at the beginning.
Why did you speak?
Why did I respond?

{All I ask, is that you cut me clean,
If you are to wound me;
Finish it all,
And finally, finish me.}

Yet I’ve never heard a ripple
So quiet and still.

Based on interpretations and visualizations of portions of "Cha Seok Hoon's" emotions from "Temptation" season 1: episode 9.