Today Then, Tomorrow

On days like today, I can feel the moment poise like a knife balanced on wire, like the ballet dancer en point, like the gymnast threading the needle. Effortless, efficient, balance. Days like today used to be fraught with nervous strumming, a fervent bass vibration in the pit of my stomach. The kind only a... Continue Reading →

Saturday #1

Last week, I swore I would get out of my fucking house and meet some people. For god's sake, I was merging with my couch! Which led to yesterday. Yesterday was Poetry Workshop day Poetry Workshop Day What better way to know if I am actually good at poetry or not? I asked myself, clicking... Continue Reading →

My Muse

I'm humming a tune that I can finally remember. I write it down. The words float to me easily, the melody plays in my ears, I am immersed in the sound of beauty. A few tweaks and I'm onto a masterpiece. The ideas come freely, I am a-gaggle and a-goggle with giddy delight. I laugh... Continue Reading →

Among yet not With People

I pick up on that "among people" even if I am not "with people" vibe too, especially when I'm at Barnes & Nobles curled up with a comic or book or just writing in the knock-off Starbucks cafe section, watching people. Some people are obviously on a date, others are doing homework in group study.... Continue Reading →

The Silence Burns

How much I've trapped within these eyes? Like a mute I struggle to place the words to my lips, and pen to paper. How do I talk about what happened -What is happening? Is it something I should just lock away? How do I describe what that time did to me, how I am still... Continue Reading →

Mockery of the Angels

You said you were ready But had no idea what you were in for You thought the law would protect you But lacked the imagination of a criminal. You thought hiding behind laws And walls would be enough to save you Yet, those were only needed to enslave you Words written down to betray you... Continue Reading →

A Spark

Life is beautiful in pain, with the tinged edges of lofted memories. Like peanut butter smeared on celary Or caramel chocolate. But this isn't a conversation about food. It's been 5 months, so much has changed Faster than even I could have arranged. The barometer of time Can erase much from the lines. But never... Continue Reading →


I sail in a ship, not of my design But of my input Breaking the waters of a world I cannot understand Surrounded by the confusion I cannot solve Condemned to a deck I did not build. This vessel of mine I cannot fathom Raising sails I did not weave Grasping a wind I did... Continue Reading →

#MeToo (and 3 and 4 and more)

Do not prod the sleeping beast Do not come greedy to the supposed feast Do not disrespect Behaving like vapid derelicts Disgrace in every salacious action, word, insinuation, and innuendo. Do not downplay the frequency Actions of greatest indecency The behaviors of animals Worse than even cannibals Pretending to be superior, elevated beings. Do not... Continue Reading →

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