He moves with
coiled precision, skinned teeth
edged between curled lip

Blue chips of ice
determination and anger
carving through the snow with
a curved serrated edge.

Point a direction
and like a hound on the scent
the hunt begins with ferocious

intent. Blood spills, death
weaves in his shadow, the lullaby
of sharpening knives on the
whet of patient pursuit.

Her tears may wash the
blood from his hands
but the stains on his soul

only deepens. It never
stops the tide of all
who have died, but
he fights his way through

the cloud that consumes
the life source, draining away
every drop. Family fade one
by one, bodies swallowed

by the earth, one after the other.
He screams into the abyss that
answers with a cool resounding

silence. Awash in his regrets
the scribbles ache past the
skin, the farewells suffocating,
the failures compounding.

Put him down, they whisper
as he stumbles along, the
glint of final night devouring his soul.

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