The choke of exhaust, Jule vapor
seeping through my window.
Stop — go — stop
Assembly down the winding asphalt strips.
Gas — brake — gas — coast — brake
The prices go up as the peddle lowers.

I worry that I will die of lung cancer
from the land of second-hand smoke
or the careless distraction of the
nicotine crave.

By the time I arrive, I’m already
tired. The eyes of Osiris are
upon thee, Sauron watches
every single movement.

Accompanied with mouths flitting
like little birdies who flock and
chatter, swallowing the oxygen,
amplified the sensation of madness.

They are always talking, watching,
no action goes unremarked, my
bleeding ears and dying brain
exhausted in translation.

Oh for the precious, lovely silence
wherewith thought & logic can grow
whole & unhindered, uninterrupted
by gossip or complaint.

Carpal tunnels beneath calm steady
nerves, blurring vision from the
blue lit overlord, commands
issue feverishly from phone & coded

Outlook messages, barrage of request,
demand, emotion, chaos, confusion,
fear, excitement, anger and pride
gushing forth in uni-coded lines.

The tornado destroys, wreaking
havoc on the semblance of order;
devour my day, my thoughts, my words
with an unstoppable stream of consciousness.

Multi-armed attention span, picks up
and discards all within reach
coupled with a frenetic
schizophrenic decision-making madness.

The sun is long gone, I wind home
to the dinner plate, weary and
tired where I wonder again about
financial independence …retire early.

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