I am resigned

I realize that time moves on
That we change, and nothing lasts
That the pages keep turning
No matter who is really deserving

A second chance disappears like that
Snap fingers before the moment lasts
Lingers and fades like our memories
I still remember, even though the story’s

Are old and worn and falling apart
Captured in a bleeding broken heart
The why and mystery
Continues to kill me

I don’t know anymore, why do I still care
Fuck you life, in a world so unfair
Why can’t I walk away for good
Should I erase my mind and start anew?

Because in random moments
I can’t breath through the torments
Then I scream till the blood runs
And my ears shatter beneath the wail

What am I done?
How can it be undone?
These chains reappear before me
And I can’t see to escape being a

Victim of circumstance and ineptitude
How do I regain the throne
When I was crowned in its ashes?
Who holds the reigns again?

I am resigned
To being broken and forgetten
To being the ghost in effigy
To being haunted by every fucking memory.

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