See everything and nothing is clear
Nothing like all the lies that appear
Brighter and higher than the stories could share
Somehow never caring that life was not fair

Chickens and onions supposed their place
Was somewhere else aside from your mental plate
Devouring and consuming all the sunlight
Like an eclipse of friendship before the fight

Bodies and blood to swim around
Screaming so loud there were no sounds
A betrayal purple tinged vision imprint to the eyes
Nothing left but horror filled cries

And the memories splash beneath the waves
Of bourbon and gin because no one else saves
The thoughts away although the urge to touch was there
These cursed palms were not meant to give a care

Kiss me foolishness and tuck away the sun
The demons descend as the world comes undone
Grasping and laughing, cackling maniacal
The faces of the dead never seem recognizable

In the end, just as in the beginning
The sickle arches down as the people keep singing
The face of God turns from right to left
From gold to dust a silence bereft

A messiah a savior anything to rescue from darkness
A star spilling over Midland a contrast in starkness
Allow the sheep to be lead to the slaughter
Marry off the devil to the precious king’s daughter

And somewhere above the lord of fate
Chortles to see all the lives left at stake
Madness consuming revenge aspired
Nothing like pain and anger to alight a world on fire

Sing to my ravenous soul a beat of thirst
Clinch this mortal coil to deliver the hearse
Nothing less than this swath of murder and pillage
Wolf of dragons consume this village

The world will never be his will never be mine
Losing our way chasing shadows through pine
A circular pursuit of predators pretending to pray
While some are born to die others are born to slay

Nothing more than ashes and salt across the earth
A subtle glance underlying at all that are cursed
Auction off systems with all the grief and pain
Auction my madness so I can pretend to be sane

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