My Muse

I'm humming a tune that I can finally remember. I write it down. The words float to me easily, the melody plays in my ears, I am immersed in the sound of beauty. A few tweaks and I'm onto a masterpiece. The ideas come freely, I am a-gaggle and a-goggle with giddy delight. I laugh... Continue Reading →

Mocha #4: Snapshot of Yesterday

Written 6 months ago... through the lens of teenage angst... Come. I want to show you something. Let's go back -I want to take you back many years ago. We can travel together. We stumbled on an old journal that I filled while I was in high school. I'd forgotten what that time was all... Continue Reading →

Among yet not With People

I pick up on that "among people" even if I am not "with people" vibe too, especially when I'm at Barnes & Nobles curled up with a comic or book or just writing in the knock-off Starbucks cafe section, watching people. Some people are obviously on a date, others are doing homework in group study.... Continue Reading →

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