Fallen Glass Chards

The crash behind me made me cringe. It could only mean something had gone horribly wrong. Perhaps I shouldn't have jumped at that spider with a shoe. Maybe if I had let it live, and been more careful, I wouldn't have bumped the bookshelf of metal and glass. Then I wouldn't be sweeping up the... Continue Reading →

The Silence Burns

How much I've trapped within these eyes? Like a mute I struggle to place the words to my lips, and pen to paper. How do I talk about what happened -What is happening? Is it something I should just lock away? How do I describe what that time did to me, how I am still... Continue Reading →

Mockery of the Angels

You said you were ready But had no idea what you were in for You thought the law would protect you But lacked the imagination of a criminal. You thought hiding behind laws And walls would be enough to save you Yet, those were only needed to enslave you Words written down to betray you... Continue Reading →

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