Life, Happiness and other Common Complaints

Some day The ongoing chant of life. We're all going to die. The world is a fucked up place. Death wanders among us, culling the herd, but not fast enough -too quickly!- it all ends. Lately, thinking about death gives me anxiety. Today, I was contemplating whether a leaf on a tree lives uniquely, then... Continue Reading →

#MeToo (and 3 and 4 and more)

Do not prod the sleeping beast Do not come greedy to the supposed feast Do not disrespect Behaving like vapid derelicts Disgrace in every salacious action, word, insinuation, and innuendo. Do not downplay the frequency Actions of greatest indecency The behaviors of animals Worse than even cannibals Pretending to be superior, elevated beings. Do not... Continue Reading →


Every day there is a new addition Another blank spot filled Every day another addition To the wall of trophies. There is one of every race One of every color There is a category for every gender Every age Every rate. Every day So many trophies And the angel looks at the trophies And weeps. With... Continue Reading →

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