Standing on the Bridge We Burned

We cannot return to the past No matter that the regret lasts Or that penance drips sorrow They fear us because we are the shadows Color of the night We are the offspring of the stars But we are not a generation of peace Misplaced rage Some say -stupidity-  yet just ignorance. We don't think,... Continue Reading →

Mocha #2: It’s Official, I Guess… [I Know but Cannot Say]

It's Official I Guess... Is there a right way to talk about preferred names and pronouns in the workforce? Is it even anyone's business?  As of a few days ago, my work world has been informed of my preferred name and pronouns -different from the legal ones. I'm not sure what to do with that.... Continue Reading →

Iced Fire

I have all your secrets I hold them in the palm of my hand Will you stay Or should I leave? Or should I never plan to succeed? Perhaps I will find purpose In the echo of your steps Leave me again, leave me forever Ever undone. I could never find the words That would... Continue Reading →

Time Enough

So much to do, so little time Said the sordid little mayfly Who in 24 hours must live a life Of birth, retirement, death, and wife. So why begrudge a life of 50 plus Years are still plenty enough To destroy, build, destroy A span of time, pleasure and ploy. Just 24 hours, a whole... Continue Reading →

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