A Message to Burn

Image credit: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2010/aug/15/1910-fire-region-consumed/#/0 They will never know how much you swallowed. They will never understand how much it hurt. Hindsight can only glance at the depths of emotional gradation sinking deeper and deeper in the well of yesterday. You are completely validated in your anger. The forest steams in the late afternoon sun, the stench... Continue Reading →

The Rain Never Stops; So Buy an Umbrella

They said that rain was the tears of God falling from the sky to spritz the earth with mud and reflection. Directors tend to use rain as a tropism for overcoming, for sadness, for hope despite the circumstances. Some countries see rain as the precursor for disaster and devastation. And yet we cannot survive without water,... Continue Reading →

The whole joke about dragons is that by the time you slay them, they are already dead. I think that for so long I was waiting in suspense. If I finish this, then I can do that and that and that. A whole life on hold isn't a life at all. Dragons can't stop anyone... Continue Reading →

Cold Searing Reality

He dreams of blood and knives all the time In waking moments the copper and iron mix to taint his fingertips At night, he's surrounded by strangers; he is a stranger to himself The mirror is a fog of gray and blur- There is nothing to see that he wants to see There is nothing... Continue Reading →

Damnable Cannibal

Utensils, just so. fold the napkins decant the wine lay the toast crumble the sugar cubes that's the water glass sterling silver knives. Aerate the stemware polish furiously the butter pat gleams in the candlelight ceramics, not plastic please seat yourself ice and champagne. Smile and steam the platter arrives salt and oil the meat... Continue Reading →

The Dark Tower (2017)*: To Archive with The Great Wall

*minimal spoilers ahead Oh, look! Another film based-on-written-material which will disappoint readers everywhere. My friend (white) was pissed that the integrity of the story was supposedly compromised by the casting of the gunslinger as a black dude, but that's another, kinda racist, story. #StirThePot. I like Stephen King books-become-movies, but I haven't read the books/graphic... Continue Reading →


Picture credit: https://mentalnote8.wordpress.com/tag/betrayal/ The thought slammed into my brain moments ago. A cumulation of rumination, you could say. Friends fade and fall away like the petals of a dying flower in the fall. We were never ready to commit, that or I had committed too soon. To stay. To patch your pieces, to hold you down,... Continue Reading →

Were We EVER Ready?!

Death is the date you forget The promise that time corrects None can dodge their fate. Death is the silent sniper When ready, aim then fire No one is exempt from this tax collector's tally. Death floats in on quiet wing To ease the final moments' sting Into a final peaceful solitude. Death trails fingers... Continue Reading →

A Chaste Cuddle

"Philia (philía, Greek: φιλία) is the love between friends as close as siblings in strength and duration. The friendship is the strong bond existing between people who share common values, interests or activities." -The Four Loves, Wikipedia Boyfriends betray you, girlfriends lie; Husbands divorce, wives cheat; [Boyfriends lie, husbands cheat; Girlfriends betray you, wives divorce;] Partners... Continue Reading →

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