Zis Regret: Her Final Valentine

Ze wishes to go back in time And never meet her Knowing now, the end Ze wished it had never even begun. But youth is foolish The summer air fills with potential A world of happiness trapped In her smile. Like any smile, hers hides a world of pain Zis laugh smothers discontent But both... Continue Reading →


This allegory Is a heterosexual story But can be applied To any relationship in mind. He felt lust A status, not trust Her thighs were the gateway All he knew was hurry She wanted a toy Disguised within a ploy Of attraction and need She must sample and feed. He wanted to break the rules Be... Continue Reading →

Don’t Say A Word

The water rises, the levees go down Houses disappear without a sound A waving hand sinks beneath the waves-- Shhh... don't say anything. A bullied child runs home in tears To a home where none will hear his fears The rope swings in the rafters-- Shhh... don't say anything. An angry mob screams retribution and hate... Continue Reading →

Smokey Eyes

She spoke with the scent of fire A fine spectacle of brimstone and fury Like a dragon of flame, the rippling tide Of liquid gold both repels and attracts; She is still so lovely, I adore her regardless I scraped the dirt from my knees. I listened to the sentences and dissected the words But... Continue Reading →

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