I Believe when you Lie

Always is a word That never should be spoken By your lips. Forever is vague A concept foreign to your Unfaithfulness. How do we Keep these strings together That bind us? I brought the yarn But you came armed With your scissors. Cutting holes In our tapestry and hopeful Aspirations. Viciously slicing My frail principles... Continue Reading →

Predators prey

It wasn't even dark Laughter in the sky And the blazing sunshine made it all too real. The birds sang And the full moon hung low in the sky A pale shadow visiting from the night He remembered asking about the man on the moon And whether he would tan In the glow of day.... Continue Reading →


I love your mind The thoughts flitting from your lips to my ears A most fascinating mechanism- The logic processing- Enthralled by the calculations The outcome, astronomical. Shinier than any diamond More precious than any luxury The wit as sharp as a blade The humor snapping like a whip Leaps of vulgarity in innocent consequence... Continue Reading →

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)*

*Minimal Spoilers So, I'm fresh from the theater and can hardly wait to deconstruct this film. After tumbling through the latest films (see upcoming reviews on F8 of Furious and xXx), I had no high expectations, especially after viewing the titillating trailer featuring all the fighting highlights in the entire film in a teaser style that... Continue Reading →

Listings via Craig

She says she's looking for companionship, Quite possibly a friend; She says she wants to cuddle And maybe, hold hands. She says she's looking for somebody, That just might be the one. She says, she's open for conversation, But not for sordid fun. She knows what she's looking for, She knows just what to get;... Continue Reading →

Coffee #27: Question mark? Semicolon; Zer0

( ? ) Question Mark: I question everything and know nothing. I look in the mirror and see a stranger of unimportance and delusion. Questions haunt me so much more beyond the simplistic -"what's that?" or "google it?"- moments. When a definition provided clarity and answers completed the quest. But words don't mean anything, and... Continue Reading →

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