Life as He Knows it

He wakes up, head throbbing with pain Barely questioning the why of feelings obtained; Brain checks out of the morning routine Just get out the door, sight unseen. Get to a place he can truly despise Do all he can to not close his eyes; Hope for a better change of pace Knowing he'll never... Continue Reading →


To work on letting go of items, not people Is an exercise in thoughtful deliberation We value people but possessions are so comforting In a strangely satisfactory way. Constant review and edit Like a book that will never publish, We continue to sort, and sort, and sort again; To trash, to donate, to give away.... Continue Reading →

Choking and Can’t Stop

Oh, the words!! The words constantly floating in the back of my throat. Don't choke Screams and shouts and anger and goats Legit, goats, and men that stare at them   This has nothing to do with you. You are extra. Fodder.   It feels like I'm drowning. Bubbles for words Swim past my lips... Continue Reading →

Iron Fist (2017): Cue Face Palm 

[Disclaimer: I haven't read the comics, so I judge purely on the show as is without prior expectations based on the comics (I suspect reading the comics first would have made this so much more disappointing...)]. 15 Days Ago Currently at episode 3 and so far there is good and bad. Okay, mostly bad. The... Continue Reading →

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