Life as He Knows it

He wakes up, head throbbing with pain
Barely questioning the why of feelings obtained;
Brain checks out of the morning routine
Just get out the door, sight unseen.

Get to a place he can truly despise
Do all he can to not close his eyes;
Hope for a better change of pace
Knowing he’ll never leave this place.

Glaze through it all, abide by the rules
Unique to him, enforced by the fools;
Staring out the window of his prison
Giving up hope than anyone will ever listen.

Is it time yet to go? No, not even close
Sit back and try to just make it the most;
Exhaustion creeps in, slowing the run
Regardless of wind, rain or sun.

And when he finally is free, finally home
Weariness drags, he just wants to be alone;
Pass out in bed, wake up at night
Try to make do with the boredom in sight.

He makes do with the empty dial tones
Of strangers hanging up their telephones;
Candles flickering with an anemic glow,
Somewhere in the darkness, a bell tolls.

He shivers –here –with his empty arms
A vagabond bereft of all his charms;
He knows how it ends, he knows how it goes
He knows how this story comes to a close.

It ends in the morning when the sun comes up
After midmorning showers and chipped teacups;
It ends with him walking out the door
Taking a flight, to never return anymore.

It ends on the shores of a silvery day,
When crustaceans and dolphins come out to play;
It ends, not with an echoing scream or a bang-
But the drawn out silence after the last bell rang.




To work on letting go of items, not people
Is an exercise in thoughtful deliberation
We value people but possessions are so comforting
In a strangely satisfactory way.

Constant review and edit
Like a book that will never publish,
We continue to sort, and sort, and sort again;
To trash, to donate, to give away.

“Maybe I will use this tomorrow
Maybe I will use this never
I have never used this, but may-
Sometime very soon.”

A nest of intention, surrounded by degradation
What coulda, shoulda, woulda been
Potential wasted, rotted, decayed
A world lost to time and indecision.

He worries that without her
You will regress to this state
Of holding on to things
To block out the reality of your loss.

In the damp and dark
Rust and decay
All the pieces of the past
Simply pass away….

Choking and Can’t Stop

Oh, the words!!

The words constantly floating in the back of my throat.
Don’t choke
Screams and shouts and anger and goats
Legit, goats, and men that stare at them


This has nothing to do with you. You are extra.



It feels like I’m drowning.
Bubbles for words
Swim past my lips
As you stare back at me
Through the glass walls
In my prison of silence.


Iron Fist (2017): Cue Face Palm 

[Disclaimer: I haven’t read the comics, so I judge purely on the show as is without prior expectations based on the comics (I suspect reading the comics first would have made this so much more disappointing…)].

15 Days Ago

Currently at episode 3 and so far there is good and bad. Okay, mostly bad.

The subplots and the main plots are not well developed (as in, barely believable). A cliche spin on the typical greed and deception threads. All these characters add in, and during the first two episodes, it’s a pure hodgepodge.

My biggest beef is with the main character: a child trapped in an adult body. With all the power -literally- at his fingertips, he comes off as the typical all-brawn-no-brain character who bumbles around on the fringe of stupidity and angst. And, hint, doing the same thing multiple times will change nothing -except drive viewers to ensuing madness.

I mean, I thought you were raised by monks -who can be some wise folk- but I guess Danny Rand just wasn’t listening past the part of “I have power”. Plus he ran away from the monks for… no damn reason!?

Since I didn’t read the comic, I have no IDEA what the Asian woman he bumps into posting flyers had to do with the story or what purpose she served for the story. (Of course, a quick wiki read explains it, but without the “backstory”, Collean Wing doesn’t make sense to the show’s plot they way the wrote her in).

Can’t judge the acting beyond the fact that most of the characters come off one-dimensional (I-have-one-purpose-that-doesn’t-jive-with-this-scenario), but this may fade in time/ be the fault of the writers.

What really kills me is the choreography for the fight scenes: after Arrow, I can’t stand the slow-motion punches with no power behind them. If you aren’t going to hit -hard / for real- then at least Pretend to throw a strong punch. Otherwise, it looks damn stupid when people fall over from a punch thrown like a gently passing feather.

I’ll keep watching (maybe) and will give final ratings thereafter -after I finish screaming at the MC for being so damn naive…

3 Days Later

I couldn’t do it. It was so bad that I just wanted it off my Netflix watch page so I skipped to the final episode and fast forwarded through the whole thing.

I just can’t.

The writing was BAD. And I’m not sure how much of the bad writing resulted in bad acting…

Whatever they were going for -hell, I don’t know what they were going for (directors/writers) but this story turned out to be about a sheltered/stupid victim who reacted like a naive child to the mechanisms of betrayal, shady business, and disloyalty.

You know, the good things of life…

I think I’ll just hit some websites that will run me through the comic synapses for Iron Fist. I’ve seen some of the covers, and it looks so much cooler than whatever this show was going for.

Feel free to disagree, but this, like Arrow, is just another disappointment.

Rating: 1/10

P.S. Storywise, I couldn’t help but compare to the Batman trilogy- both lost their parents, both lost their companies (at some point), both trained by monks/ninjas, etc.. Really the main faultline difference is character -Danny just had no sense of self-preservation, dignity, or cunning in this show.