Perserve Dignity

Because you feel slighted,
Your whole world is blighted;
Scorched earth is your creed.

As the flames burn brighter,
Your own inner fighter
Pummels ghosts of rage.

Your glasses distorted;
All words are reported
As attacks on you.

Suggestions are rebels,
Ideas… an uprise;
Fear bolts the old doors.

To flush out the evil,
Fabricate. Medieval
Torture finds the truth.

You need persecution,
-A fake execution-
To achieve some peace?

So fragile, so threatened,
Yet deeply unvetted

Vast, vengeful library
Is this necessary?
Obliterate foes.

Wash your world, cleanse the view,
Victim? Not likely you;
Be a damn adult.

Perspective is a tale,
Of alliances that fail;
Allies seem villains.

When the bridges all burn
I am not your concern;
Burn it all to hell.

Take high roads, less crowded,
Dodge drama unshrouded;
Treasure dignity.

You, your own enemy;
Lies and bad memory
Fulfill your own doom.

You've lent me your ears... now borrow mine:

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