I Miss… I Crave-

The tease of the ivory keys caressing my fingers Swaying to the lullaby of the notes so precious And ever present -they take me away To a magical realm of sight and sound and harmony; I want to return to the space of silence and meditation, The resonance of the chords, the light aria of... Continue Reading →

Perserve Dignity

Because you feel slighted, Your whole world is blighted; Scorched earth is your creed. As the flames burn brighter, Your own inner fighter Pummels ghosts of rage. Your glasses distorted; All words are reported As attacks on you. Suggestions are rebels, Ideas... an uprise; Fear bolts the old doors. To flush out the evil, Fabricate.... Continue Reading →

Kite Dreams

He always wanted to fly a kite. Darius imagined that either he would fly his kite, or let the string twine round his throat. Perhaps it was a physical euphemism for a subconscious connection to his plight. Fly or die. The beach stretches for miles to the right. The wild woods to the left. Breezes... Continue Reading →

Hasn’t happened yet

He walks through the door, He brought the sketch; Crinkled paper in sweaty palms. The bell jingles as he enters, The buzz like a soft whine; He stares in your eyes- "Make it good," he says, Make it bleed, he thinks. You shrug, he nods, He doesn't even know where to put it; How could he... Continue Reading →

Coffee #27 – Tend Your Lawn

Life and Lawns Life stretches out like a property -a lawn- caged by time. The lawn ornaments are chosen with care, maintenance outlined on a regular schedule. People come for barbecues, luncheons, dinner parties, afternoon drinks, siestas, playtime, playdates, morning coffee, and stargazing. Garbage gets tossed on the lawn, cans in the hedges, tissue among... Continue Reading →

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