Ohhhh, Dear NAIVE…

I don’t know whether to hug you or hit you,
I almost think you’re pulling my leg;
You can’t really be this naive
Can you?

I don’t know whether to save you or hang you,
I can’t stand the decisions you make;
You can’t really be this dumb
Can you?

I can’t decide whether to let you walk off the ledge
Or stop you in your tracks;
I can’t wake you up from those
Hearts in your eyes.

Stupid is your shield and ignorance your creed,
But being gullible isn’t an excuse;
You still belong on my table
Carved up like a steak.

The more you talk, the more my fingers itch,
My fingers, your necktie, so much quieter…
How can you not understand how the world
Really works?

You still think that justice is more than just a word?
That good and bad guys are different guys
And that your “vote” actually matters?

You have such a punchable face…
How can you carry around
That disgrace of a brain that’s
Never been used?

I admit that I am a cynic by nature
But experience and history play a role;
It’s quite painful for me to listen
As you prattle on.

Ah… dear naive, how can you possibly live in this world?
Vulnerable and coy, prey to be destroyed;
The predators are everywhere, please learn
To fake it soon.

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