Fantastical Subconscious

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[We] wandered the warrens of the underground building, a 3 story living abode that morphed into an amphitheater with multiple doors leading to outer rooms and passageways on its peripheral. The ceilings were impossibly high, with walls and ceiling the color of sand.

From a side passageway, a loud scream echoed and [we] looked to see a ginormous T-Rex burst into the amphitheater where we stood. Aside from its razor sharp claws and ferocious teeth, its entire skeletal body was rife with flame, as if it had clawed up from hell in the embodiment of some bastardization of a reptilian ghost rider.

Fear. Shock. DODGE!!

Not fast enough. The raking claws left ice fire across my chest and belly, stealing my breath as I was slammed back into the wall. The rest of [us] ringed around the beast, attacking it on all sides. I got back up and circled, darting back to strike. The creature’s answering screech was the only warning before I was once again knocked away with a bloody swipe of its claws (for its short arms, it had amazingly long reach).

I lay there again, watching [us] continue to fight. [We] weren’t winning, some of [us] were dying, others were getting up slower and slower.

Despair. Unlike [our] prior battles thus far, I didn’t feel the certainty of a win. Rather, I felt the approach of the pending climax of defeat.

I looked up at the beast. Hellfire. Death. Heat. Blood streaked claws. A skeleton T-Rex on fire. Empty eye sockets wreathed with flames.

I got up and ran. I left [us] behind and pelted down a passageway, the triumphant screech of the monster echoing behind me.

Running, running. I left [them] all behind. I didn’t want to be there and see that monster win.

Lost and wandering in dreamscape

It was so quiet. Murmurs, yes, but much quieter. Gingerly, I re-entered the cavern where the flaming leviathan had reigned with fury. And there it was, crouched down, in conversation with, of all people, my brother!

Surprise, shock, wtf?!

The rest of [us] sat cross-legged around the flaming T-Rex, engaging in adamant conversation. A burnt chuckle emanated from the beast, surprising me.

It struck me, then, in that moment. Is that all it takes to tame the beast? Conversation, sympathy, and understanding?


Then, I woke up.



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