Sarcasm & the True Meaning of Life.

I was puttering along and had to resist a chuckle at these bumper stickers.

The first sticker that caught my eye was:

I Used Up All My Sick Days: So I Called In Dead

Symbolic of unsympathetic authority, demanding your presence at every second of every day. Report to work, report to school, report to retirement, report IN.

Paging the real slim shady…

Where are you? When are you? What are you? –>A jealous partner I will quickly dump for asking me so many god-damn questions. Independence is precious. Don’t waste your freedom.

If your soul is dead, does it really make a difference if the rest of you is still robotically moving along?

The second bumper sticker had me cracking up:

Jesus is Coming LOOK BUSY

Classic Xian humor. Something ringing true about the whole -unless he’s on his way -or we are on a deathbed- we can slack off the rigor, dial back the fanaticism, and lackadaisically keep one eye on the sky.

The Sunday Christian, the Mass/Funeral/Wedding visitor, the confessional worshiper. The law-abiding citizen when passing the officer parked on the side of the road.

See you when we see you.

Are you ready for the 2nd coming? Does it matter? We have plenty of time.

It’s dangerous to think so. Time has a way of changing things. It goes by so fast. Is tomorrow really enough time? It isn’t guaranteed.

Then there was:


I reside in the Whatever.

Brexit happened… whatever. USA’s president-elect is Trump… whatever. The environment is tanking… whatever. Taxes are rising… whatever. Turkey & Syria & Russia & Terrorists… whatever.

(Yessss, I can hear your condemnation!!!)

And, worrying does nothing for me. Waiting for things to improve does nothing. Speaking does nothing. Activism slacktivism, it’s all the same in terms of results.

The Dakota oil line…whatever. Five months later, a line will go through. Because greed trumps ethics.

Whoever said the meek would inherit the earth was wrong. The greedy will always prevail because they never take no for an answer. The meek, on the other hand, easily succumb to a no or a hint of a maybe.

Nice, shy, slow folks finish last.

The meek…don’t even make it.

You can either get angry and spew out all your opinions.

Or quickly arrive at the whatever. Because without volume and action, words are just words. Air. Exhales.

Then silence.


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