Tidbit #13 – About You

People in life are very centered on self. How they’re feeling, or not. How their day is going, or not. How life is going, or ending, or beginning.

It’s. Always. About. Them.

And being in a relationship is kinda about two -or more- people committing to making it about each other. Listening, supporting, building, analyzing if necessary. Asking tough questions, being the shoulder to cry on, the arms to hold, the quiet cuddle at the end of a long day.

Frankly, I am cynical about the possibility of the longevity of relationships.

I only strive to learn in order to do the best I can when I do find one. Emphasize the importance of trust and communication, establish expectations on both sides, have flexibility for days, and, in the end, be a good partner in the relationship.

A relationship is also about a certain measure of selflessness.

And independence, self-assurance, identity… all the units necessary for a person to be. And if something is missing, there is hope that the relationships will support the development of these.

Hence the allure of romance. One or more parties lack, together they receive, develop, grow.

But I digress.

This is really about you.

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