Garroting the Echos.

"I just have... so many thoughts!" I said, turning to my unseen confidant. My confidant and confessor (a she, I sensed) sat silently to my right draped in black veils and dark robes. My hands smooth up my face and my thumbs slide to my temples as I lightly massage my head with my fingers, combating the... Continue Reading →

Sarcasm & the True Meaning of Life.

I was puttering along and had to resist a chuckle at these bumper stickers. The first sticker that caught my eye was: I Used Up All My Sick Days: So I Called In Dead Symbolic of unsympathetic authority, demanding your presence at every second of every day. Report to work, report to school, report to... Continue Reading →


I don't have expectations They trap you with rigidity And lack of adaptability. Depravity, insanity What would you do For your expectations?


"Because of you I disconnect, This life is all that's left for me Because of you I disconnect; I'm killing you now" ~Unknown Sometimes I wonder who I would have been. If I had been raised like a "normal" kid If I hadn't lost my innocence so soon If I had been raised in a different... Continue Reading →

As Jingle Bells Plays -yet- Again…

Prepping for Xmas Decking all the halls, Eternal Xmas songs; Why can't I escape, This spending fiasco? I just wanted a break, And time to chill at home; Instead the tortured Santa Claus Done cracked the piggy bank. Oh! Solo time, solo time, Xmas, winter break! Peaceful quiet, holy night -yeah, whate'er! git off my... Continue Reading →

Winter is Coming Here

It still feels surreal, these gray skies and salt crusted roads. Veer off this beaten path and land into a hidden dell, deserted by nature, oppressed by the wintery fist of iron and ice. The fallen snow, mostly melted, flank the barren trees huddled in shame at their seasonal nudity. The celebration of gold, bronze,... Continue Reading →

Tidbit #13 – About You

People in life are very centered on self. How they're feeling, or not. How their day is going, or not. How life is going, or ending, or beginning. It's. Always. About. Them. And being in a relationship is kinda about two -or more- people committing to making it about each other. Listening, supporting, building, analyzing if necessary.... Continue Reading →

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